Popping boba pearls blueberry flavor
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Popping pearls also know as "popping boba" is an exotic frozen yogurt topping, popping boba has become one of the most popular toppings in every frozen yogurt shop's topping bar. These transluscent juice filled balls "pop" and ooze with blueberry flavored juice with every bite, giving it the name "Popping Boba". Each case contains Four 7LB. containers.

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Quantity Sold By: Case (4 x 7lb Containers)

*Popping Boba does not require refrigeration until container is opened and has a shelf-life up to 12 months (from manufacturing date). 

*Please Note: These containers are particularly sensitive to damage, please read disclaimer before purchase. We recommend the purchase of 10+ cases to ensure safe delivery via trucking.

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Popping Boba Pearls Blueberry Flavor 7LB. (Case Of Four)

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